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Adversity to University

Some might call this going from tragedy to triumph. No matter your view, we know what it takes to support students and provide the proper resources for success. Whether through our Study Lounge, customized Tutoring program that will support individual learning styles or transition coaches, It Starts With a U-Turn is here to build a system of values and discipline that support long term education.

The Study Lounge:

Students can enjoy an effective learning environment that supports interactive learning and academic development. The environment is comfortable and fosters a sense of team work and scholarly systems.

Tutoring in Style:

Every student is different so it’s important to both identify what that style of learning is and create a curriculum that promotes a student’s strong suits. The staff of “It Starts With a U Turn” can take on academic struggles in order to lead students directly to success, by incorporating the seven different learning styles into students tutoring.

Mentee to Mentor:

Mentee to Mentor:

Students get to shadow mentors who help create a learning relationship with the students. This collaboration acts as a supportive mechanism so students can see their hard work in a fully developed form. Mentees and mentors are paired according to interests and skill sets.

Exposure Trips:

Knowledge without application is fruitless. We accompany students on exposure trips that give them a more hands on approach to diverse methods of learning. Students are exposed to winning behaviors and attitudes that help change their experience with learning and critical thinking.

Transitional Coaches:

Transitional Coaches:

When students get such solid hands on learning and coaching, it’s important to create a community approach to their success. Students are assigned a transition coach that will work with them on the next steps in their education. Coaches focus on elementary school to middle school, middle school to high school, and finally high school to college giving students a helping hand as they step into the world.

Hot Topic:

We learn the best ways to serve our students by listening to them and creating a dialogue. Students control the floor and we go through various of topics of their choice that directly affect their lives. This is a way for students to feel heard and to give us feedback on the ways in which they can be best supported.

Wellness Coaches:

Once students have identified their skills, it’s important to touch on the culture systems they subscribe to that will help or hinder their success in reaching their goals. Depending on the student, wellness Coaches are on site to assist in the environmental aspects of their practice.

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