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Arlana Walton learned to make the best of her circumstances and find a resolution in education. Arlana did not allow coming from an underserved community to prevent her from changing her circumstances. She grew through the ranks to become the first in her family to attend college. After graduating from Long Beach Poly High School in 2006, she went on to further education at El Camino Compton Center. After receiving her Associates Degree in Sociology, Arlana transferred to Cal State Los Angeles, received her Bachelor in Sociology of Law and Society with a minor in Gerontology, and obtain her Master of Social Work from the University of Southern California and is currently pursuing her EdD In Educational Leadership at Grand Canyon University. With more than ten years of service in the field of higher education, Arlana possesses invaluable experience in nearly every facet of higher education. She has established a reputation as a highly-skilled Educator who effectively ensures that members of society have access to the tools and resources needed to navigate throughout life. Arlana has been empowering others within her community to have a sense of positive belonging, reinforces civil responsibility to the younger generations and advocates for youth to become successful leaders through the means of education and community involvement.


















Kevin is a Long Beach native and is utilizing his strong passion and desire to work with young men by encouraging them to choose a different route in life instead of the streets. As a football scholar who played for four years at Sacramento State University on a full-ride scholarship, Kevin was named the most inspirational player in 2008. Pledging Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity at Sacramento State, he learned self-discipline, brotherhood, and unity. Earning his BA in Organizational Communication and also a Master in Business Management. Kevin is now putting his skills to good use to better his community. He is the leader of our men cohort Pilot program “From Adversity to University,” Kevin is committed to leading our youth on the right track in life.











Anthony McKinley Keys Sr. has been an active community volunteer in affordable housing and child welfare in the inner city for years now starting with the Boys & Girls Club as a youth and as an adult in many different venues and organizations. Anthony is a candidate for a Master’s of Public Administration with a focus on Public and Nonprofit Management at the University of Phoenix. Last, Anthony is a non-profit advocate who is committed to building the capacity of nonprofit organizations around the community. He works to strengthen the It Starts with A U-Turn nonprofit organizations by developing seminars, workshops, and other learning opportunities that serve the nonprofit sector. 


















Roneese Walker has worked in the education field for over four years, serving as a recreation leader and after school teacher’s aide. She has a strong desire for serving her community and has a background in youth development where she served as a coach for youth ages 6-18. Roneese received her Bachelor’s Degree from Cal State Dominguez Hills in Public Administration with a concentration in Criminal Justice. She is currently the Director of our P.E.A.C.E program. 

























Nicole Dixon has a diverse perspective on life and has a passion for increasing the ability of African Americans to succeed. A Bay Area native, raised in a single family home, she watched her mother struggle to make ends meet and were determined to ensure better living and opportunity for herself and family. Nicole intends to work with underrepresented populations and troubled youth within a legal capacity. Her goal is to keep youth from encountering the penitentiary and seeks to address hindrances whether social, economic or familial that result in delinquent behavior(s) which lead to incarceration. Nicole received her Bachelors of Arts from Cal State Los Angeles in Political Science with a minor in English. She is currently pursuing her Juris Doctorate degree from the Charlotte School of Law in North Carolina














Arlana J Walton MSW.


Kevin Davis MBA.

Treasurer Director

Anthony Keys Sr. 

Secretary Director

Ronesse Walker 

Director of

From Adversity to A University 

Nicole Dixon

Director of P.E.A.C.E

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